• Ongoing support and assistance with regular updates of information and guidance

  • Advice and counsel by telephone, in writing and in person regarding the organization and operation of the school

  • Methods of attracting and recruiting students, recruiting, interviewing and evaluating teaching staff

  • Effective ways of facing and solving problems (problem shooting), and difficulties arising from competition and other situations occurring during the operation of the school

  • Common programmes of education and teaching methods, methodology and training

  • Our experience, expertise and know - how

  • Exclusivity of territory

  • Selection criteria for the most suitable location, and advice on the furnishing, equipment, remodeling and decoration of premises.

  • Development and growth of your enterprise with the most flexible organization

  • Local and regional advertising and promotion

  • National advertising and publicity 
    (through major TV channels, newspapers, radio stations, the Internet etc)

  • Continuous updates on current educational matters.

  • Complete educational support services

  • Automatic membership of the students in the Alexander Club (where they are entitled to benefits, discounts, participation in various activities etc.)





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